RIP Andy

“From the earliest memory, creating is an evolution and a release of my inner self. It can inspire, offend, amuse or depress.

It places me in awe when others interpret, ignore or lump it in a category. Reaction, or lack thereof, is a partial to my absorbing, sometimes directing my outcome. I welcome the human condition, even if it disgusts, enlightens or disappoints me.

The end result is my choice, to be passionate to what I create, to love myself enough to share complete or portions of me when I create.

I have said that there is no such thing as bad art, only disgruntled artists. I am not exempt from this, but with effort, I do resolve that with a solitary action, and that is to create for the sheer enjoyment of it.

It is my true euphoria…perhaps beyond my own understanding.

The best encouragement I offer, is that when creating, visual, written, sensation or sound, or anything you create, first enjoy and experience releasing your soul.

Everything else is secondary.”

Andy C. Art

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